Speak Mind: Heart is Listening

Discover How Heart is Listening!

Speak Mind, Heart is Listening will encourage you to acknowledge and embrace your own thoughts, convictions and resolutions. The format is intended to be like an informal and relaxed conversation. It is about the mind and the heart being in sync to allow the reader to experience personal development and growth.


What They Say about the Book

It was very thought provoking and of much self-reflecting. I enjoyed it. Very easy read.

"It speaks about one's heart, mind and soul being in sync."

"Speak Mind: Heart is Listening” is a complete guide to realistic goal setting. A motivational pick-me-up! This book truly came just in time for me; I am about to begin my Masters studies and this was the perfect book to help me create my goals. Definitely would recommend!"

"Learning to be more grateful for what I have."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It teaches discernment and how to create harmony in one’s body in order to have a lifestyle full of peace, joy and success. It tackles intrinsic fear and suggests ways to overcome. Truly inspirational and motivational. I plan to read this again!"


What’s Inside the Book?

What is Important to you at this Moment?

Life poses questions for our psyche. Daily. The heart and mind make an amazing team!

Be Flexible and Allow for Change

Procrastination Gone!

After reading this book, procrastination will be in the past. The taste of success will flow throughout every aspect of your life.

Might A Curveball Indeed Affect Your Life?

Ready to discover how determination can change your outlook? In Chapter 13, you’ll discover the four golden words to handle a curveball.

About the Author

Pamela E. Bloomfield

Pamela Bloomfield holds a Master's Degree in Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is employed with Yale University School of Divinity. She is also a nominee for the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success which is a testament of her exemplary dedication to mentoring and providing guidance to individuals who require motivation and encouragement to live their lives to the fullest potential. She often crafts resumes for individuals transitioning from one career to another. Pamela finds her contributory mentorship and guidance for youth who have achieved stability, as well as educational and personal goals, very rewarding.

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We can never be fully present for someone else unless we are 100% present for ourselves.

Quotes from the book

Change is an inevitable phase of life, and life modifies our perspective on many things.

To find yourself, let go of who you think you are.

When the mind is engulfed in doubt, there is constant mental torment.

Fear does not play well in the sandbox with peace.

Being truthful is practicing self-values and morals without compromise. Unapologetically!

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